How to help

If you’d like to contribute to our growing knowledge base about women’s soccer stats, there are two ways you can directly help:

  1. Log match actions
  2. Add location data to logged matches

Logging match actions

Logging match actions involves picking a match for which you have a replay or download, downloading the Excel template, and adding event info as you watch the match according to the instructions in the document. Logging an entire match takes a total of about 6 hours, but it is not recommended that you work on any more than one half of a match, as anything more becomes an exceedingly tremendous amount of work that can burn you out. To get started with this, have a look at the list of competitions and matches for which we already have data see what teams and matches are missing that you’d like to help log or look at the above list of teams and competitions for somewhere where you’d like to help, read throughly about how to log stats, and send me a DM at @WoSoStats on Twitter or email me at I will typically ask you to log the first 10 minutes of a match, just to see how you do and send you feedback before you’re ready to log the entire half.

Adding Location Data

To add location data to matches that are already logged, because location data is not initially logged so as to save time and get basic stats logged first, read thoroughly about how to add location data, with a focus on the sections about location data, and send me a DM on Twitter at @WoSoStats or email me at with what teams you’d like to help with. Logging location data for a match takes about 3 hours and involves watching a match alongside the Excel file that is already filled with action data and adding in location data for certain actions.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to, with your help, contributing to what we know about women’s soccer!